Optical Cleaning

Projector Cleaning

If the image seems dim, dirty, or the quality of the picture just isn't clear anymore, no need to replace the projector. It may just be time for a clean!

TP Matrix Audio/Visual repair centre has a sophisticated extration system which allows us to "blow clean" projector lenses and other optical parts that in use have become coated or contaminated with dust and airborne particulates.

We offer two types of projector cleaning services:

Standard Projector Clean

From only £65 + VAT we offer a Standard Projector Clean which has the ability to regain the brightness and quality of the image you once had, by cleaning projector filters and blowing out the dust.

Projector Optical Clean

A Full Optical Clean of your projector is offered from £95 + VAT, which includes a full disassembly of the projector optical block, removal and cleaning of the mirrors and filters, disassembly of the prism assembly, cleaning of the LCD panels and re-alignment of the mirrors.


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