“Just wanted to let you know that the lens works perfectly well.

Thank you for providing an excellent service.”


Steve Stiller
- Farleigh Golf Club

I write to thank and congratulate you and TPM UK Matrix Ltd, for the excellent service and time scale for the repair of our projector.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Mike Gage
Chairman - Gage-Tupper & Associates Ltd

“OMG Maggie

Projector received, installed and working!!

Niki and I can’t thank you enough for all your help. It has made our lives (and that of the pupils) much easier and with such speed and ease.

You’re a star Maggie***”

Muriel & Niki
- Hazlewood School

May I take the opportunity to say how impressed I was about the service we received and the professionalism of the service engineer, Keith. He took the time to explain what the service consisted of, how he was going to carry out the service and kept me informed of any problems he found. The projectors now are 100 times brighter than they were and that means happy lecturers. Also many thanks to you for sorting out the booking of the engineer.

Neil Reader
- West Suffolk College

“The repair you made to the projector has not only restored it to working condition by appears to have corrected what now appears to have been a fault from new. The machine now works better than I can ever remember it working. Clearly the recommendation I received from Ivojo who supplied the projector was a wise one. You have set it up perfectly. Thank you for that.”

Brian Mather
- Lympstone Church

“Just to let you all know, we have been to site today and reinstalled the serviced 2 Sanyo projectors. Our customer is very happy with the results.

I would like to thank you for getting these 2 units ‘turned around’ so quickly.”

“Super efficient service”

“Hooked up the projector you shipped back and I was blown away by the difference. Its amazing, I have your email and contacts saved and will use you guys again. Thank you”

Cliff Deane
- WL Studios

“We got the repaired projector this morning, and it’s now back on its bracket at the top of the hall, working perfectly. Many thanks for your help. All very efficient, and the loan projector really got us out of a hole just before the Year 6 musical production.”

Duncan Hooper
- The Richard Pate School

Thank you so much for the optical clean on our projectors. It has made a real difference and we can now use them again.”

“Wow, we can see to play games now, they’re so bright!” Oscar, 5

David Somers
Early Years Co-leader -